Aneroid Lake Panorama

Up the East Fork Trail from the Wallowa Lake Trailhead is Aneroid Lake. This is a beautiful destination and makes a good base-camp for interesting day-hikes. A private in-holding is found to the south but a great place to camp is on the North Shore (find the sign just before you see the lake). Depending on the year, you may encounter snow on the trail as late as the first week in July. It usually exists in small areas and may or bay not present a problem depending on your fitness or that of your steed. In July, the area is still quiet wet and marshy spots breed mosquitoes; be sure to pack repellent for yourself and your horse or life could be miserable. Also remember you will be above 7000 feet! It can freeze overnight even in summer.

The hike is about 7 miles, climbing some 2500' in the first three miles. The trail is good but rocky and has many places with steep drop offs. If you are contemplating traveling by horse you should be aware that this is no place for inexperienced horses and riders and good, fresh, four-nail shoeing with no trailers is a must. A easy-boot should be packed for each animal.

Fishing can be excellent for Eastern Brook Trout in middle to late July.

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