• Eagle Cap, at an elevation 9577' isn't the tallest in the area, but one look explains why it became the namesake (that and it's in the middle).
  • As you crest the top of Hurricane Trail into the Lakes Basin, a fantastic view of the Matterhorn becomes the perfect backdrop for a photograph of high adventure.
  • The easy way to sit the Matterhorn is from the back side via Ice Lake. Getting to Ice Lake, now that's the hard part!
  • The stillness of Ice Lake creates a perfect mirror reflrction of the route up the back side to the Matterhorn.
  • Aneroid Lake is a vigorous climb, 6.7 miles up the East Fork Trail. Great fishing and camping are just side benefits to the extraordinary beauty of this lake.
  • Beyond Aneroid, up through a postcard-like valley and into the alpine zone lays Tenderfoot Pass with routes down into the Lakes Basin and the Imnaha.
  • Oregon's Largest Wilderness holds many opportunities to get your 'Natural High.'
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Foundry Tours

foundry tour

Valley Bronze of Oregon invites you to tour our production facility and see how an artists masterpiece is cast into metal.

Tours are available once a day, Monday through Friday at 11:00 AM at 307 W Alder Street, Joseph Or. Cost of tour is $15 per person. (kids 10 and under free) PLEASE RESERVE AHEAD OF TIME - call (541) 432-7551

About the tour:

A foundry worker will walk you through each stage of the production process. You will see how an artists original piece is molded, replicated, and cast in metal. You will learn the history of the foundry and see current works in progress and most likely some finished works as well.

Tour length:

The tour takes about 60 to 90 minutes depending on the size of the group and questions asked.


Wild Science of the Wallowa Country

Visit our Discovery Center and explore what makes The Wallowa Country so unique ~ Canyons, Grasslands, Plants & Animals, Rivers, Forests, Lakes & Moraines, and the Geology of it all! Best of all, it's FREE!

  • Learn about the area and plan what and where you'd like see.
  • Learn about the unique habitats that form one of the most varied wild regions on the planet.
  • Discover the turbulent geology that formed this incredible place!
  • Discover the areas abundant wildlife!
  • Learn about the Great Blue Heron in it's own special room.
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Open 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM (Tuesday - Sunday). FREE Discovery Tours run Wed, Thurs & Fridays from 9 to 11am. Local experts will take you into the field for a hands-on experience. Meet at Wallowology at 8:30am.

Learn about other non-profit organizations and their activities.

Kids area for hands-on fun.

508 N. Main Street • Joseph, Oregon, (Across from Coco's and Mutiny),

Visit our Website: Wallowology.org

Touring for Grand Views

seven devils sunset hat point hcnraSeven Devils at Sunset © josephdigital

The stunning landscape around Joseph Oregon is characterized by extremes of elevation. While most rightly associate the Joseph area with the mountains, a vast area is actually made up of canyons.

And our canyons aren't just slight little things; they include the deepest gorge North America! Looking at a topographic map of the area reveals a very furrowed landscape- in fact if it weren't for the higher mountains, Joseph might well be thought of as 'Canyon Country.'

The forces were extreme! While the Eagle Cap and Seven Devils were literally lifted up off the sea floor (you can find sand dollar fossils on the mountain tops) the relentless forces of erosion were busy carving things in the opposite direction. The process continues to this day.

Read more ...

Joseph Creek Viewpoint including Flora & Troy

This excursion allows one to experience the many environs of the area and will also give you a look into the regions past. Joseph Canyon was a wintering ground for the Wallowa Band of the Nez Perce. The failed town of Flora was once a thriving pioneer town. Troy was settled by early Mormons in the 1890's.


Buckhorn Overlook including Zumwalt Prairie

Buckhorn Lookout presents one of the most vast and beautiful canyon views anywhere, even if you've visited The Grand Canyon. This beautiful drive travels through Oregon’s largest natural intact grassland: The Zumwalt Prairie. In June there are wildflowers galore and the emerald green fields of grass when they’re moving in a breeze are a sight to behold.


Hells Canyon Overlook including the Upper Imnaha River

The Hells Canyon Overlook presents a perfect opportunity to travel the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, a favorite for those into 'touring', whether by bicycle, motorcycle, car or RV. This is also a great route to see the upper Imnaha River region and some of the most beautiful old-growth Ponderosa Pine forests in the lower 48.


Hat Point Lookout including Imnaha & Granny View Vista

This tour includes two major canyons that are distinctly unique and beautiful in their own way. Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in North America and the Imnaha Canyon is Northeastern Oregon’s second largest; together they form the heart of the Hells Canyon National Recreation Area. Standing on the ridge across from the Seven Devils Mountains is a sight like no other, truly a natural wonder.


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