The Wallowa Lake Trailhead

wallowa lake trailhead

The Wallowa Lake Trailhead is at the end of Hwy 82, just 7 miles south of Joseph, Oregon. This is where you'll find the main local trailhead into Oregon's Largest Wilderness, The Eagle Cap. If you thought this area was beautiful from the outside, entering the wilderness will simply blow you away!

The Eagle Cap is a true National Treasure, one that still affords unparalleled peace and quiet; a rare quality in today's world.

The Aneroid Lake (East Fork) Trail, and the West Fork Trail are the two main paths into wilderness from the Wallowa Lake Trailhead. Three other popular destination/branch trails, Chief Joseph,  BC Falls and Ice Lake branch from the West Fork Trail. Each provides the opportunity to day hike, trail run, horseback or backpack to one's own ability. Easily reached vistas, wildflowers, and stunning mountain views are readily available for the casual hiker from this busy trailhead.

The 'Little Alps' state day-use area is adjacent with restrooms and picnic tables to provide a shady resting area before or after your hike.

The trailhead includes a large turn-around with plenty of parking and a horse ramp and tying posts for stock.

This is one of the few trailheads that does not require a NW park pass for parking as it is at the end of Hwy 82. You'll still need to fill out a wilderness permit (free)- those are self-issue and are found at all the trailheads.

Trailhead Enterance

The trailhead is located at the end of Highway 82 and has a large turn-around and many parking places.

Trail Marker

The major trails are well marked, but you should always bring a map and compass.

Lakes Basin

The Wallowa Lake Trailhead is one way to get to the Lakes Basin, a popular destination. Moccasin Lake is pictured here in mid-august.

Chief Joseph Trail

A cool bridge is located up the Chief Joseph Trail.

Chief Joseph Trail

Views on Wallowa Lake are just a few of the surprises up the Chief Joseph Trail.

West Fork Trail

As the name implies, the West Fork Trail follows the West Fork of the Wallowa River.

West Fork Trail

The West Fork of the Wallowa River along the West Fork Trail.

West Fork Trail

Six Mile Meadow makes a great destination along the West Fork Trail.

Ice Lake Trail

Ice Lake is the reward if you detour off the West Fork Trail.

Ice Lake Trail

The Waterfall before Ice Lake.

East Fork Trail

Aneroid Lake is an awesome destination up the East Fork Trail.

East Fork Trail

Up the East Fork Trail are several mountain peaks that are fairly easy to summit.