Prairie Creek Winter Panorama

A winter view of the Prairie Creek Area 3.6 miles east of Joseph. This area has some of the best soils and precipitation making it very productive. It's also known to be windy.

Picture Narrative:
Starting on the left; The sharp East Peak, then after a ridge is Mt. Howard. It sits overlooking the town of Wallowa Lake and can be reached by Tram during the summer season. The furthest mountain in the gap is Pete's Point. Forming that gap and on the right is Bonneville Mountain, the most familiar landmark at the head of Wallowa Lake. At its rear forms a ridge that separates the Wallowa River into it's two Forks, East and West. Between the two red barns, just about mid picture, is the snowy Hurwall Divide. It separates the West Fork from the Hurricane drainage and continues into the last, and most prominent Chief Joseph Mountain.