The Local Grand Tour

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This "Grand Tour" is the continuing evolution of a visual way to introduce you to the area, which, when originally conceived (1999) was very new and cutting-edge. By now we've all seen VR-Tours, yet to this day the panorama section of this site remains very popular. Because they're interactive and show an entire view, they remain an excellent way to familiarize yourself with the area.

This Tour has a lot of great features that you may not be aware of, so we thought we'd make you this guide to better enjoy it. After, you'll find a list of the Panoramas within.

 panorama guide

List of Images:

  1. Wallowa Lake Roadside View
  2. Wallowa Lake Shore
  3. Wallowa Lake County Park Beach (North End)
  4. Wallowa Lake Marina (South End)
  5. The Eagles Nest near the Wallowa River (South End)
  6. Riverside Park (Wallowa Lake State Park)
  7. Lower Campgrounds (Wallowa Lake State Park)
  8. Upper Campgrounds (Wallowa Lake State Park)
  9. Wallowa Lake Village
  10. Wallowa Lake Trailhead
  11. Iwetemlaykin
  12. Joseph Main Street
  13. Joseph Overlook
  14. The Brennan Barn
  15. Triple Creek Barn

Note: You'll need to go from view-to-view to see every view in the tour as each separate view does not display target markers for all 15 panoramas. But, you can get to any of them by using the map pins.