Hurricane Creek Trailhead and Trails

hurricane creek trail sacajawea peak

The second most popular trailhead (after the Wallowa Lake Trailhead) is located just a short country drive away.

The trailhead at Hurricane Creek offers a fairly gradual way into the Eagle Cap and has majestic mountain views within the first mile that only get better the farther you go. It follows along the creek to open meadows where Mountain Goats are often spotted along the ridges above (bring your binoculars).

After the two meadows, the canyon narrows and climbs high over Hurricane Creek along cliffs that overlook pools and waterfalls (keep a leash handy for your dog and watch your kids).

The trail is a favorite for those making their way to the Lakes Basin, some 10 miles away, but is primarily used by day hikers and runners in their 5.7 mile round-trip journey to Slick Rock Creek. You can also find good places to camp along the creek in the first few miles, making this a great option for those just getting into overnight backpack wilderness camping.

Driving Distance- Joseph to Hurricane Trailhead: About 6 miles- figure about 30 mph average speed or about 15 minutes in transit- stay under 20-25mph on the narrow forest road after the bridge (it’s narrow with blind corners).

Driving Directions: From Joseph, Oregon go west on Airport Lane for about 1.5 miles and the road becomes Hurricane Creek Road; Continue on Hurricane Creek Road for another 0.5 miles to the white Hurricane Creek Grange; Turn left at the Grange onto County Road 521 (becomes Forest Road 8205) and go about 3.7 miles to trailhead. The road becomes narrow with turnouts and is not recommended for RVs.

Amenities: The parking lot is large and has a vault toilet. Has a loading ramp and posts for tying stock. The lot requires a NW Forest Pass or you can get a parking permit onsite and you’ll need to fill out a wilderness permit (free) for your group.

See the Goat Meadows Panorama

Deadman Falls

1.3 miles up in the second 'Goat Meadow' is a seasonal waterfall that originates from Deadman Lake.

Mine Shaft

"There's gold in them there hills" - There wasn't, but that didn't stop miners from trying.

Hurricane Cr Camping

In the canyon you'll find the Hurricane Creek FS Campground and the Falls Creek FS Campground just before the trailhead.

Hurricane Creek Trail

The trail cuts through forest and meadow and the surface is smooth or rocky at times.

Hurricane Creek Trail

The trail runs along side the creek, sometimes in shady forest; providing cool relief on warm days.

Mountain View

Along the trail mountain peaks and rock formations surprise around every corner.

Rock Formations

From Goat Meadows you'll see plenty of interesting and beautiful geologic forms.

Hurricane Creek

The trail runs along Hurricane Creek and numerous tributary creeks drain in from both sides providing trail water for your stock or dogs.

Hurricane Creek Rapids

As you approach Slick Rock Creek, the trail turns upward, running along a steep hillside. A series of pools are formed under waterfalls.

Sacajawea Peak

As you travel upwards toward Goat Meadows, Sacajawea Peak comes into view.

Slick Rock Creek

A wide view of Slick Rock shows the elevation of this popular destination.

Slick Rock Creek

Slick Rock is one of the main destinations up the Hurricane Creek Trail. Continuing on leads up to the Lakes Basin.