Shelley S. Curtiss

This extraordinary artist's lifetime of study and deep love of wildlife reflect a sensitive and profound identity with each subject, capturing, while liberating, qualities of stealth, power, humor and innocence.

shelley curtiss-he who thinks-hes invisible "He Who Thinks He's Invisible"

"Main Street may have changed her costume over the years but the backdrop and lighting have remained the same. I rolled into town some twenty five years ago looking for Glen Anderson, builder of the first of four world class foundries in the area. The crisp air snapped with natural vitality and creative excitement. It's all here...the warm embrace of the canyon basalts, the vibrant stimulation of high mountain lakes, and a close knit sense of artistic community. I live here simply because this wellspring of inspiration feeds my desire to create. The wonderful stillness gives me the time."
-Shelley Curtiss

See more of her work at Stewart Jones Gallery or Visit Her Website